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Blueseed One

For its first vessel, Blueseed will be chartering a cruise ship with the following general characteristics:

  • 1500 passengers capacity (lower beds)
  • 1000 entrepreneurs intended occupancy / 300+ startups
  • 200 community support staff: legal & other service providers, mentors, wellness coaches, researchers & investors in residence etc.
  • 200 crew
  • 200 meters (650 ft.) long
  • 27m (90ft.) wide
  • 4700 m² (50,000 sq. ft.) planned indoor co-working space and 3200 m² (34,000 sq. ft.) public space
  • 40,000 – 50,000 gross tons
  • Amenities: restaurants, bars, lounges, cafes, pub, theater/stage, fitness center and gym, spa, pool, saunas and shops

The ship will be repurposed into a live/work/play environment, with large amounts of co-working space, ferry service to the mainland, and high-speed Internet access throughout.

Blueseed Two – Custom-built Ships / Concept Renderings

Several years after proving the model with the repurposed cruise ship, we intend to launch a custom-built vessel, specially designed for use a permanent live/work/play space on the ocean. These artist renderings represent concept vessels for Blueseed Two, which we intend to located in the warm waters of the Southern California area. Blueseed One will be an existing chartered cruise ship – read more at What ship will Blueseed use?.