Top 10 Facts about Blueseed

Who is this for? – The world’s best entrepreneurs and visionaries

The boldest, brightest, and most talented tech entrepreneurs from around the world. Plus the individuals and organizations that support and invest in them. 1400+ have already expressed interest.

Where will it be? – Right near Silicon Valley

On a ship anchored half an hour (12 miles) from Silicon Valley, in international waters outside the jurisdiction of the United States.

What does it cost? – Around 1600 USD/person/month

We’ll charge a combination of rent and equity to accommodate the stage of your startup. The price per person will include living and office space, and will range from $1200 for a shared cabin to $3000 for a top-tier single accommodation cabin.

Why should it be done? – Because innovation is awesome

The world’s best entrepreneurs should be able to gather and collaborate in one place, and not be limited by antiquated work visa restrictions.

How can I get aboard? – Do something that matters, and be awesome

Get referred to us through a reputable angel, venture capital firm, entrepreneurs network, or trusted contact. Or surprise us.

Can I legally work? – On Blueseed, yes.

You can legally earn an income working on your startup while on the Blueseed vessel regardless of your nationality, but you can’t legally earn a paycheck while visiting the mainland, unless you have a US work visa or are a US permanent resident.

Can I travel to the mainland? – Yes

You can travel to the mainland using business/tourist visas (B1/B2), for up to 180 days/year (these are significantly easier to obtain than work-visas). US residents can travel to Blueseed at any time.

What happens when I succeed and outgrow Blueseed? – We help you move to the mainland.

Silicon Valley is the best place in the world to scale a company, and once you’re large enough there are legal channels available to move into Silicon Valley proper. We will provide you with the resources and contacts you need to make the transition.

When are you launching?

We are currently on hold, until we acquire sufficient funding.

My organization supports startups, how do I join the project? – Partner up or Contact us

We’re primarily looking for incubators, support networks, and individuals or organizations that make our environment more awesome while solving a startup’s problems.