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Madan Parque

Madan Parque

Almada, Portugal

Madan Parque is a science and technology park in the Almada region, 15 km to the south of Lisbon, Portugal.

Established in 1995, and operational since March 2000, Madan Parque hosts 25 companies in its 32,000 sq. ft. facilities. Working in conjunction with the New University of Lisbon, a 15,000-student public university in Portugal's capital, it helps foster entrepreneurship by providing mentorship, office space, access to seed capital, and connections with supporting European Union organizations.

Madan Parque also provides a network of other services to assist incubatees:

  • Madan Parque's Seed Capital Fund is connected with 26 local angel investors.
  • Madan Parque Internacional helps incubatees globalize by leveraging the Madan Parque network including banking partners such as Santander, credit insurance, and helps form ties to EU-wide programs assisting with research and providing sales support.
  • Madan Parque Labs provides IP support in patents and trademarks, hosts research clusters in biotech, health care, and maritime fields, and participates in European Union-wide technology transfer programs.
  • Madan Parque Coaching has a network of CEOs who help entrepreneurs shape their business plans, identify relevant markets to enter, and assist as businesses scale.