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Lumia Capital

Lumia Capital

San Francisco, CA

Lumia Capital was founded in 2011 to invest in rapidly-scaling Internet and software companies focused on emerging markets exhibiting predictive characteristics for breakout growth.

With its hands-on value add strategy, Lumia works closely with management teams -- pairing Silicon Valley insights and contacts with global knowledge sharing to propel companies through later stage challenges and opportunities.

It has two distinct investment models:

  1. Expansion-stage: $5M to $30M investments in companies with typically >$1M/month in net sales. 
  2. "Accelerator:" <$100K investments in earlier-stage, post-revenue companies exhibiting breakout growth

Geographical Focus: Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, MENA, Turkey, Southeast Asia

Sector Focus: Consumer Internet and Digital Media | Online Marketing and Advertising | Mobile | Cloud Computing and SaaS | Big Data