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Golden Gate Ventures

Golden Gate Ventures

Bridging Silicon Valley and Asia


Successful companies are not formed in isolation. Entrepreneurs need seed funding, experienced mentors, and a strong network of seasoned professionals and peers. Golden Gate Ventures will help foster this environment, building stronger ties between Silicon Valley and Southeast Asia as Asia's hub of new technology and innovation.

Golden Gate Ventures operates two tiers of investment. Tier 1 is an accelerator program where founders will work directly alongside a handful of other startups and two full-time mentors to launch a product and get it to market. Tier 2 is a seed investment program for startups that already have a launched product and market traction.

Both tiers will have access to regional and international mentors, invitations to networking events across the region, and access to an active investor network across Silicon Valley and Asia. Teams are required to participate in weekly progress & mentoring meetings. Golden Gate Ventures is located in Singapore, and its partners, investors, and mentors come from Silicon Valley (i/o ventures, Founder Institute, 500 startups, Blueseed) and across Asia (HUB Singapore, Crystal Horse, East Ventures, IncubateFund).

Golden Gate Venture was founded by Blueseed advisor Vinnie Lauria, Battle Ventures co-founder Jeffrey Paine. In Silicon Valley, GGV is represented by i/o Ventures co-founder Paul Bragiel.