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Funders and Founders

Funders and Founders

We connect startups with capital

San Francisco, CA

Funders and Founders is a global organization that spreads "startupization" and helps fund startups, by connecting founders who build amazing startups with angels and VCs. It was started by Anna Vital in October 2011, and grew very rapidly to over 2,000 Meetup members and 17,000 Facebook fans within one year.

FnF is building a worldwide network of angel investors and founders, where great companies will be funded through pitch and Life 3.0 demo events. Life 3.0 is an innovation show by startups that change the way we live. Life 3.0 is the next era after Web 2.0, when the Internet comes off the screen and enters our lives.

One of the recent Life 3.0 successes is the funding of Blueseed partner real5D by venture fund Double Rock.