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DaVinci Institute

DaVinci Institute

Understanding our future so we can create a better one

Louisville, CO

Launched in 1997 as a non-profit futurist think tank, DaVinci Institute has emerged as a center of visionary thought, attracting both an American and international following of inventors, innovators, idea junkies and business leaders alike. It is based in Louisville, CO and San Francisco, CA.

DaVinci Institute set its sights on producing tangible results in addition to conceptual thinking. The founders decided that they didn't just want to talk about the future – they wanted to help create it. With this directive, the Institute began educating aspiring inventors and entrepreneurs with the critical skills necessary to make their projects viable and come to life.

DaVinci provides a space for a number of start-ups to gain a foothold in the quickly-changing technology and business world, while producing hundreds of events in the Denver metro area as well as writing and publishing numerous papers.