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Accelerating possibilities

Atherton, CA

Blackbox is a Silicon Valley startup accelerator focused on helping non-US startups that strive to bring their products to the global market. Educational programs and operational investment frameworks guide highly selected startups from all around the globe through setting up US-based business operations, raising funds & recruiting US-based executives.

During the flagship Blackbox program, Blackbox Connect, 12 entrepreneurs from all around the globe live and work together at the Blackbox Mansion. Throughout their two weeks stay they learn from, and connect with the network of Silicon Valley's best thought leaders, industry experts and investors. Recent Blackbox connect graduates had a chance to connect with and learn from people such as: Bill Draper, Steve Blank, David Hornik, Tim Draper, Dave McClure, Forest Baskett, Christine Herron, David Weekly, Janice Fraser, Dan Martell, Robert Scoble, Bill Joos and many others.