Two years of Blueseed

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Blueseed Chairman Max Marty

By Max Marty

Two years ago, on July 31st, 2011, Blueseed was announced as the first commercial seasteading venture. It was exhilarating to kick off such a monumental endeavor, to literally go into the uncharted waters of a one-of-a-kind startup. Two years later, I have nostalgic memories of my first pitch, which was filmed by one of my co-founders with a smartphone camera so shaky, that we never made it public until now.

In these two years, we’ve had our highs and our lows. We’ve also had the chance to make many new friends, too many to possibly name them all here.
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How to grow fresh produce on a cruise ship, and lots of it

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Ships are not really known as places to grow food on; rather, they’re adding to the food miles that your typical lettuce or tomato spends from where it grows to your table.

On Blueseed, things will be different. This past week, we’ve partnered with Freight Farms, an award-winning startup that makes it possible to grow plants 130 times more efficiently than on land, in terms of space, using only 10% of the conventional amount of water, and without pesticides or herbicides. This is done with soil-less vertical hydroponics in a repurposed shipping container with low energy needs using remote monitoring and control via a cloud-based mobile app.

The 1,000 entrepreneurs on Blueseed will be able to consume entirely local-grown lettuce, supplied by one Freight Farm unit, which requires only about one hour of human operator time per week. Units are self-contained and Freight Farm will be working with Blueseed to adapt them for maritime use.

Lettuce is just the beginning. Blueseed intends to use two Freight Farm units, the second one for vine plants (currently in development). The partnership with Freight Farms is an excellent showcase of local food growing, and is an important step in furthering the environmental sustainability of the Blueseed community.

More details about the Freight Farms in the infographic below, published in Inc. Magazine.

Blueseed at the Bitcoin 2013 Conference

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Bitcoin logo plain

Bitcoin is the new digital currency that enables instant and worldwide peer-to-peer transactions, with low or zero processing fees, and without a central issuing bank. As the recent media coverage and investments in Bitcoin startups show, Bitcoin has the potential to radically disrupt payments, banking and financial institutions as we know them.

Blueseed, with its international, entrepreneurial, innovative and disruptive character, is a natural fit for Bitcoin. We’ve been contemplating accepting Bitcoin for services on the ship, and recent developments make this a likely possibility. New services like BitPay allow merchants to accept Bitcoin and continue dealing with regular currency, without any regulatory implications. Bitcoin’s legitimacy (along with its value against the dollar) got a boost in March 2013, when FinCEN (the U.S. federal agency charged with enforcing laws against financial crimes) declared that users of virtual currencies like Bitcoin are not subjected to its regulations.

However, Bitcoin can offer so much more, especially on Blueseed, where mostly everyone is tech-savvy. In a small and novel jurisdiction, brimming with entrepreneurial ideas, what uses will appear for Bitcoin?

Will Blueseed become the first jurisdiction to use Bitcoin as an official currency?

This and other topics will be discussed at the Bitcoin 2013 conference in San Jose, CA, on May 19, when Blueseed co-founder & CTO Dan Dascalescu will give a talk on the fascinating possibilities of Blueseed and Bitcoin.

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Blueseed sets sail (April Fools’ Day prank)

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Our April Fools’ Day prank press release has received unanimous praise for its credibility; however, if the commando dolphins, use of amplified entrepreneur shouts as a sonic defense system, and the colorful yacht (credit: Guilty yacht) weren’t dead giveaways – here’s the official clarification: this was indeed an April Fools’ Day prank.

That said, you can find more information about the actual logistics, timeline and progress of the project on our FAQ page. Enjoy the April Fools’ piece below.


PALO ALTO, Calif. (April 1, 2013) — Blueseed, the ambitious venture that has been working on launching a ship for startup entrepreneurs in international waters off the coast of Silicon Valley, has finally set sail.

Concluding a year and a half of preparations, the company has launched this morning a test ship, Blueseed One, after securing the remainder of its required funding, $18M, from an undisclosed Arab investor. Blueseed One accommodates 50 entrepreneurs, satisfying Minimum Viable Product requirements in the novel category of seafaring startup communities. The ship is being stationed 12 nautical miles off the coast of Half Moon Bay, CA, in international waters outside US jurisdiction. The location allows entrepreneurs from around the world to start or grow their companies without visa restrictions, and with a convenient view of the Pacific Ocean, known to stimulate creativity.

Blueseed One departs from Half Moon Bay, CA, headed towards its 12-mile spot

Responding to the often-voiced concern of potential pirate threats, the company has opted for camouflage vessel paint, and has equipped Blueseed One with several unique safety features.

The first defense level is a specially trained pack of retired commando dolphins, veterans of the United States Navy Marine Mammal Program. The dolphins perform a strictly non-combatant role of ship protection, pirate detection and early warning, and pirate sonar jamming utilizing their own biological sonar.

Should pirates bypass this natural barrier, they will be met with Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) countermeasures, generated from the cheers of entrepreneurs who finally receive a positive answer from venture capitalists after sustained pitching periods.

Blueseed One approaching its destination, a spot 12 miles off the coast.

True to its commitment to being a green ship, all restaurants aboard Blueseed serve only locally-caught seafood dishes, a locavore’s sustainable paradise. In addition to the organic eateries, entertainment opportunities aboard include a pool, saunas, waterslides, bars, and assorted water sports in the surrounding ocean. Of these, the most popular are shark taming and manatee riding (otherwise illegal in Florida) as seen on The Daily Show.

Future plans for the community include launching a reality show to compete with Shark Tank. Blueseed’s competitive advantage? The sharks are real.

About Blueseed Inc.

Blueseed is a startup community located on a ship 12 miles off the shore of Silicon Valley, in international waters outside the jurisdiction of the United States. The location allows entrepreneurs around the world to start and grow their companies in a unique technology-oriented space, with a streamlined legal environment and close proximity to Silicon Valley.


Dan Dascalescu

Press Relations