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Bitcoin is the new digital currency that enables instant and worldwide peer-to-peer transactions, with low or zero processing fees, and without a central issuing bank. As the recent media coverage and investments in Bitcoin startups show, Bitcoin has the potential to radically disrupt payments, banking and financial institutions as we know them.

Blueseed, with its international, entrepreneurial, innovative and disruptive character, is a natural fit for Bitcoin. We’ve been contemplating accepting Bitcoin for services on the ship, and recent developments make this a likely possibility. New services like BitPay allow merchants to accept Bitcoin and continue dealing with regular currency, without any regulatory implications. Bitcoin’s legitimacy (along with its value against the dollar) got a boost in March 2013, when FinCEN (the U.S. federal agency charged with enforcing laws against financial crimes) declared that users of virtual currencies like Bitcoin are not subjected to its regulations.

However, Bitcoin can offer so much more, especially on Blueseed, where mostly everyone is tech-savvy. In a small and novel jurisdiction, brimming with entrepreneurial ideas, what uses will appear for Bitcoin?

Will Blueseed become the first jurisdiction to use Bitcoin as an official currency?

This and other topics will be discussed at the Bitcoin 2013 conference in San Jose, CA, on May 19, when Blueseed co-founder & CTO Dan Dascalescu will give a talk on the fascinating possibilities of Blueseed and Bitcoin.

What topics would you like to bring up? Tell us in this thread on Bitcointalk.org.

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  1. Erik Voorhees

    Very cool! Many of us Bitcoiners are watching Blueseed with great interest. I imagine you’ll have a number of tenants in the new world of digital banking.